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333 fps jump script

Description Changelog
You want to jump on barrels but you are playing with a potato? No problem! With this script you can jump at the height of a 333 fps jump!

How to setup:
1. put the "jump_333fps" file in the "main" folder of your game
2. start the game and then enter this in console:
/bind p exec jump_333fps.cfg

-> Hold your move forward key for a short time when pressing p, so you will land on what you couldn't before.

Info: this is made possible by disabling rendering while jumping thanks to the "cg_norender" cvar.
Add a cvar to disable vsync to allow FPS increasing.
Details Creator: raphael File Size: 244 B Version: N/A Compatible Version: 1.1 Downloads: 46 Upload Date: June 09, 2024 Last Edit: June 10, 2024

cod 1.1

call of duty

call of duty 1

united offensive


cod 1 scripts

333 fps jump script

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