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Extension Tool v2.5 by Brejax

Description Changelog
1.) Unpack the "7z" file

2.) Copy and Paste the "z_extensiontool_by_mambu.pk3" & The Configs into your Main folder. (CallofDuty/Main)

3.) Go in-game and Enjoy the Features!

4.) If you want it to be faster, you can open your Windows Console and run the command:
curl -O https://devluxe.eu/dl/cod/extensiontool.zip

Please read the "Readme.txt" file inside the "7z" file.
For any Bugs or Issues, Please report it. (Discord information in-game Info Center).
Developed by Brejax


Follow all Patchnotes on our Discord:

Any wishes which i can add? - Let me know it, contact me on Discord ;)
• Moved the Welcomer more Up
• Fixed the Back Button inside the Server Configs Menu
• AntiCheat has been updated & its Done (More i can't do via the Tool)
• Optimizer has been updated
• Now fully 1.1x compatible
• License.exe has been installed to the "7z" archive
• Added Version Checker to the "7z" archive, you can check for updates on the Tool

• We are coming to an End with the Extension Tool, There will only be a few more updates until the tool is completely finished.
Maybe other tools will come for CoD.
Details Creator: Brejax File Size: 14.9 MB Version: 2.5 Compatible Version: 1.1 ,1.2 ,1.3 Downloads: 311 Upload Date: May 07, 2022 Last Edit: September 21, 2023


cod 1

call of duty 1

cod 1 mods

call of duty 1 mods

cod 1 tools


extension tool v2.5 by brejax

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Comments ( 4 )

32bit version please.
1 year ago
Brejax Author
32Bit version?
This Tool should work on both Bit versions...
1 year ago
Aster Member
Its a good tool and fixes all the problems and have every settings you need at one stop. Thank you Brejax!
9 months ago
Brejax Author
Thanks for the Feedback mate, Have Fun with the Tool ;)

9 months ago
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