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Call of Duty 1.1x

Description Changelog
CoDExtended is a client & server sided patch for CoD 1.1 with bunch of new features & bugfixes.

How to install and offical website of CoD 1.1x:


HTTP Download
- Support for blazing fast mod downloads with fixed fs_game
- Measurements against known hacks of any kind
- Get live screenshots of players to find cheaters & glitchers
Discord RPC
- Your Discord status now shows the live info when you´re playing!
- New masterserver is being used if official one is down
New UI elements
- Fancy connect screen, scoreboard and FPS counter(optional)
- Various bugs have been fixed
OTA Updates
- New updates are installed whenever you lunch the game
- Anticheat fixes
Details Creator: php (riicchhaarrd), Defected, Prawy File Size: 2 MB Version: 2692 Compatible Version: 1.1 Downloads: 463 Upload Date: January 02, 2022 Last Edit: February 28, 2024


cod 1

call of duty 1

cod 1 mods

call of duty 1 mods

cod 1 client


call of duty 1.1x

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