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CoDaM CoDCommands ( CoCo )

Description Changelog
CoDaM CoDCommands ( CoCo )
- In Game Commands: no more having to look through Rcontool to execute commands!
- Permissions for users
- Multiple Groups: Guest, VIP, Moderator, Admin, God
- Partial Name Matching: for commands that require ID input, admins can insert a part of target's name instead of ID!
- Safer servers: by seperating rcon and admin passwords, server owners can safely share their adminPassword to those they trust
- Updated CoDExtended ( Stable v20 )
- Suffixes for groups
- CoDaM and custom gametype compatibility
- Customizable: Wide array of cvars to edit-> Modders can even add custom commands to fit their needs; possibilities are endless ;)

How to install: Read the included readme.txt
Details Creator: Indy File Size: 74 KB Version: N/A Compatible Version: 1.1 Downloads: 49 Upload Date: June 03, 2022


cod 1

call of duty 1

cod 1 mods

call of duty 1 mods

cod 1 server


codam codcommands ( coco )

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