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74 44 930 16.7 GB 15946
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Shandys Harbor

Description Changelog
An edit of TheGoog's gg_harbor by Shandy445 aka DontBodyYaSelf to make the Harbor map look more like the layout image it shipped with.
Removed mp_ in the pk3 file name so it loads in cod1.
Details Creator: Shandy445 File Size: 1.7 MB Version: N/A Compatible Version: 1.1 ,1.2 ,1.3 ,1.4 ,1.5 ,UO Downloads: 8 Upload Date: April 26, 2024 Last Edit: April 28, 2024

cod 1.1

call of duty

call of duty 1

united offensive


cod 1 maps

shandys harbor

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Comments ( 2 )

raphael Member
it seems cod1 won't load a map if the pk3 filename starts by "mp_"
i don't understand because it's written it's based on gg_harbor but i notice no similar customizations between these two maps
But it's always really cool to discover modified mp_harbor versions, i hope you will continue to work on it
2 months ago
Shand445 Author
its an edit of his source map file.
2 months ago
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